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We’ll be running a special manufacturer’s promotion to get ready for the upcoming holidays: buy a Trinity from any of our authorized vendors and get a FREE Diablosport HAT AND T-SHIRT free with proof of purchase!

Offer is eligible to all Trinitys purchased between 10-17-2011 and 11-30-2011.

All you have to do is send the following information to [email protected] :
• Copy of paid invoice from authorized Diablosport Dealer
• Serial number of your new Trinity (found on the box or back of Trinity)
• Your username on this forum, and your real name, address, and phone number
• T-Shirt size (We will ship XL if no size is specified), hat is one size fits all

I was recently assigned to this site by Max Wyman, our marketing director, to do support and announcements. I'll be stopping by regularly to post product info. I'd like to make sure that it's OK for me to post a promotion we are starting today.
-Mike Mendiburo
Diablosport Sales
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