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FOR SALE 1955 Dodge PU. 1 owner from 1955 - 2010. I bought 3 trucks in 2010 from his son after the father (owner) died and still use the 65 Chevy ladder Truck and the 62 12-ton crane truck. I never needed the 55 so I put it in my plane hanger and started it every time I flew my plane. I think I drove it less that 50 miles.
4 speed man.
Ordered new in Portland Oregon with the Utility Box and driven to Joseph OR where it remained it's entire life and was driven by the Owner of an Electrical Company.
The truck has no rust (Joseph Oregon is high and dry), no dents and they do not salt the roads.
The truck is 100% original. The only thing wrong with the truck is one of the thick glass front blinker covers had a crack in it. But there was a new OEM one in a box in the truck.
The entire fleet of trucks for Baine Electrical was painted right after being purchased to a color just a shade different than the original color.
The truck runs great and could be driven coast-to-coast right now without doing anything at all except topping off the gas tank.
It still has the Brass "Baine Electrical" plate on each door.
Call Steve (503) 260-9111 Asking $24,500.
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