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I have the last production year of Routan, 2014 (same as Grand Caravan). This is important to know in trying to fix this problem:

I purchased a Mopar fog light kit for the Routan and began the installation this weekend, starting with the first connection at the Totally integrated Power Module plug C4.

Both the instructions for the lights and the wiring diagram from VW, Routan edition 11/2010, page 5011, show the location of the fog light connection as cavities 11 & 16, orange/white and yellow/white respectively.
However, the connector on my car already has an orange/white wire in cavity 11 and a light green/white wire in cavity 16.

Furthermore, I took the car to VW and THEY ARE STUMPED TOO. Does anyone know which cavities to use? Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the 2014?


2014 VW Routan SE - 3.6l flex
New Jersey
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