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first r/t leak :(

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hey all , hope everybody is doing well .... noticed my first dodge leak ever (and have owned them for 20 years) .. few drops of fluid from our daytona out of the rear differantial with only 3k on her .. looks like the cover .. leaving about a 1/2 dollar size on the driveway a day .. heading over to dealer friday am .. will post the outcome .. have a good night all ! toy
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turns out it was the driveshaft seal going into the differential ... didn't have stock but dealer was good enough to run 20 miles into the next town to get one ... had her back by 5 ... no need to check your chargers .. service guy has only seen it happen one other time on a magnum .. have a good weekend all !
hey all .. just a quick update , a few weeks have gone by .. went under to check .. rear end wet again DAMIT ! ,, back to the dealer .. they were stumped , after they were done calling the dodge engineers ... they knew of the problem and had NO suggestions or fixes !!!!! the car is highway driven ..the fluid expands and bleeds out of the breather tube while cooling ...they wound up setting up a style that the jeeps have ..some kind of setup with a tube that fills and drains back into the rear end as it cools ..haven't had a chance to crawl under and look at it yet ...fingers are crossed ... not real happy with corporate dodge engineers at this moment :VHOT:
More details

I was wondering if I could get more details on your leak, I have a similar leak on my rear end. (pumpkin) Dealer said it was a seal and they replaced it. 1000 miles later i see the same leak. Is what you are saying this is a design flaw? If so what kind of damage if any can this cause?

Thanks for any info you can give me.
hi Coastieem , sorry you have the same headache that i went through , mt seal was indeed bad as well , from what we can gather out of the conversation between our service guy and dodge themselves , they are well aware of the problem and simply don't have a fix designed yet , like you i was worried ..hell if it loses all the fluid and the rear end burns up will they cover it ? was the first time in 21 years dodge let me down ... luckily the mechanic working on it saw the same problem on a jeep and design a fix for the leak is the best thing i can tell ya , my red daytona was just fixed a week ago ... i would ask your service manager to call the service dept out here at dodge of antioch phone 847-395-0200... tell my people here that they just worked on a red charger daytona leak problem brought in by teresa g last friday (11/10)mid- afternoon and to explain the idea they did to fix it ... a weeks gone by and no leak .. i know it sounds crazy but i am sure they will know exactly what your talking about as it drove them nuts to figure out the problem and would be more than happy to help you out they are a small dealer and fere sure will remember ... good luck .. let me know how you make out ! take care bobg
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Greatly appreciate the info I will definatley let my service guy know, I am sure he will eventually get tired of me coming in every time it gets wet. Again thank you and I will let you know how it goes.
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