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Exhaust question..

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I just installed the k&n gen II cold air intake, I want to put an exhaust in soon.. would a dual or single be better? Whats a good exhaust system to go with for a 02 d r/t?

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It depends on what u want. If u want loud or a little more mellow. Most of the people on here go with duals and flowmaster exhaust. Thats prolly one of the loudest, meanest sounding. IMO i like the lower rumble, not so loud in the cab sound. SO i am gonna go with either the borla or magnaflow soon.
If you are running with a 4.7, then IMO I'd go with a Flowmaster cat back system. I like the sound of the FM40 but there are other opinions out there.
I have heard you lose low end power on the the duals so if you want a dual exhaust go for a split after the cat.
The only part of the exhaust system that needs to be changed (besides the exhaust manifolds and y-pipe) is the muffler. You can just replace the muffler, you don't need a catback. Here's what I have gathered about mufflers, the rest is up to your preference:
Borla & Magnaflow-high quality straight-through mufflers that have a more mellow, but still powerful sound
Flowmaster 40-about the loudest performance muffler you can get, you might run into drone at some rpms
Flowmaster 50&70-quieter than the 40
Glasspacks are generally pretty loud, probably about on par with a flowmaster 40 series. The muffler I would suggest would be the magnaflow or borla. If they are too expensive and you don't mind having a loud muffler, go with a FM40 or a glasspack.
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