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Engine Stall at Low RPM's

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Need some help, I have a 96 3.3L. Recently at low RPM's the engine stall's. Can anyone tell me if there is a sensor I can check that controls the Gas flow?

the engine seems to run fine if gas is held down and the RPM's are kept between 2-3, but as soon as i let off the gas it stalls.

I checked for codes and nothing came up.

Any places to start looking appreciated.
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May not be just gas flow but one place to check might be fuel filter.

Also check the engine area for hoses pulled loose. Hissing sounds is a clue that a hose might be off or have a hole in it.

Check the PVC hose as it is prone to collapsing due to the oil buildup inside it that softens it.

Another thing to check is for a clogged air filter.

Others might have more input on the gas flow and fuel rails as I have not had to troubleshoot that before.

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