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Would you like to see a dedicated sub-forum, not for a specific vehicle, but for a Specific Engine?

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Would you appreciate an engine specific forum. Do you find the search function leaves a lot to be desired and wish it would be easier to locate useful information on your engine, especially when it crossed platforms. For instance there are some Dodge / Chrysler engines that come in Challengers to Grand Caravans.

Maybe we could start with some of the newer engines and see where this would go.

Do you find that you have searched many a forum looking for information to no avail. There are a ton of forums here, but many do not actively share as there is really no apparent reason to. Do you think we should create these types of forums, so that maybe there might be more active participation due to shared interests.

Vote 'yes' or 'no' or vote 'with limitations' and make a comment as to what below.
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