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Hi everyone, yeah, it's been a while. So I installed the 4 switch aux panel and have 12v power to it. I just routed a harness for a backup camera (amzn $90 special). At one end of the camera harness is the RCA video conn and a red pigtail for "Optional power input" to power the camera. At the other end is a red (for camera pwr) and a black lead (for ground). I have a Pioneer NEX radio that has a trigger wire for reverse so the radio will show the camera image. On the radio you can select the trigger to be either "battery" or "negative"

How I wired and the problem: At the radio end of the truck, I made a "Y" cable that connected the line out from the aux sw (No. 2 switch) and to both the radio's trigger wire and the red pigtail on the video cable. At the other end of the video cable I did not connect either the red pwr wire or the gnd wire.

When I start the truck the aux 2 light is dimmly lit (like it's sorta half on) and the radio automatically goes to video but there's no image. When I turn on sw 2 the light on the sw is bright and the raido goes back to the home screen and plays the radio (as if I never installed the camera). I tried setting the radio camera trigger to both "Battery" and "Negative" and all that happened with the radio is it reset the clock.

Here's what I don't know,
1) Does the AUX switch not have enough pwr to trigger the radio and power the camera?
2) Is the aux sw used incorrectly?
3) is it that I have a floating ground and that's why the aux sw starts off "half lit"?

I know the aux switch panel is wired right because I used switch No. 1 to trick the radio into thinking I have the parking brake on and all 4 outputs have 12v.

I don't want to power the camera off the rev lights and I'd like to use the aux switch for an "on demand" to turn the camera on and off.

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