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ok here what we have so far the post is from the hemi truck club

Posted 29 November 2008 09:59 PM
I have been checking into a Dyno Day for a club GTG, and need some feedback as to how many people would be interested.

Big Shot Dynois who I have contacted so far but there are a couple of others I still need to check into. They are located at RT8 and I80 in Boston Hts.
This is what Big Shot offers:
Club rates with a minimum of 4 vehicles are:
* 3 pulls for $50.00, 5 minute cool down between runs.
Add $10.00 if you want the Air/Fuel ratio for the three pulls.
* If you have a programmer and want to install a tune or change your tune, the rate is:
$70.00 per half hour including the air/fuel ratio.

No Diesels, fills the shop up with soot.

We can run most trucks including the quad cab short bed. We can't run the quad cab long bed.

Bring some cars along too if you want.

We provide chips and pop.

and here,s the link to the site
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