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Dumb Tire Changing Question

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Ok, I hate to even have to ask this question but I'm going to anyway.

My rear passenger tire is flat on my '03 quad cab 4x4. I've got the lug nuts off and the truck jacked up and can't get the damn tire off the truck. Am I missing something here? All the tires I changed in the past would just slide off but not this one. Please help.
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It use to happen to my 95. Rust builds up around the center of the drum / hub and bonds to the wheel. I would get a BFH, sledge and hit the tire and it should brake free. Put a little never seze in there when you re-mount. You may want to check all your wheels
A good, swift kick will help loosen it up. Use the flat of your foot, though.
my old car did that just kick the hell out of it (good for stress)
Glad you asked, this has never happened to me, now I know what to do if it does.
yall say kick it....i agree. especially with the flat of the foot. no broken toes. but i see a truck on stands getting knocked off from being kicked. nt that it will happen...just a little comics in my head
Yea this happened to me on my 05 2500 in a snow storm...... my right rear blew and i jacked the truck up in a parking lot.. unfortunately it was below 0 degrees out and every parking lot was a sheet of ice.... so im sittin there on my a$$ on a sheet of ice ready to start kinckin the tire thinkin to myself how messed up this whole situation is b/c i was fore-seeing how i was gunna start kickin and the truck was gunna fall off that PUNY A$$ jack that comes with the truck....
it fell off?
nah it didnt fall off the jack..... all went well besides my frozen fingers and buttox
Thanks guys. yeah I took a 2x4 and beat it a few times and it loosened up. I had visions of the truck coming of the jack but luckily it didn't. Now I need to buy a new tire. Got a hole in the side wall which I'm told can't be fixed.
yeah usally its not a good idea to patch sidewalls.
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