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Driveshaft Snapped in 2 Pieces?! Are you serious???

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So i was at this party last night in a field, and by the time it came time to leave the entrance way was all muddy and rutted our and what not, and with my 2WD and prety much slicks for back tires i was kinda screwed. Being the way i am, and easily influenced by peer pressure i started giving her a little hell. So finally i get moving a little bit, and when i got moving i pinned the gas. I heard a loud THUMP and my truck starts revving free, so i look under my truck and my driveshaft is laying there in two pieces. First off can someone explain to me how this is possible? second of all does anyone know where to get a used driveshaft?
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If you were spinning in mud i don't understand how it would snap. It's not like it was under alot of stress and a large amount of torque was apllied. (ie) Rock krawling with a jeep. That was the only time I saw a drive shaft twist and snap.
Some other guy on here had somethin like that happen to him, he was jsut driving along. had pictures of his truck just sitting in the middle of the street with the end part of the shaft that connects to the rear just draggin on the ground. only other time ive heard of it. how many miles you have on it?
couple of things....
did you have aftermarket exhaust like a muffler or tailpipes??
was the truck sitting flat or tweaked in anyway while you were stuck??

Reason for the questions is,somethuing could have gotten against the shaft while you were stuck and started to damage the shaft without you knowing.
Also aftermarket exhausts have been known to cause the inner most metal lined rubber hanger to rubt he driveshaft and make it weaker,and when the shaft got weak could have snapped due to the added pressure of spinning it in the upper rpms trying to get unstuck.

I have seen a BUNCH of these hangers either marking the driveshafts or even grooving the driveshafts before the driver was even aware.

This is basically seen on quad cabs because they have the thin aluminum shaft that is very large diameter.
Damn you know your stuff. Yea i cant think of how it would break in the mud, and no i wasnt at an angle and the mud was onlike prolly 6 inches deep so i dont think it was that, however i do have an aftermarket exhaust and that very well couldve been it. It just sucks, and still i dont think it should happen, does that driveshaft seem a little thin to you also? It looked very thin to me, and the cardboard on the inside sure doesnt do much ha.
sometimes in the mud you can find a rut or something sticky at the bottom. if you caught a wheel you might have snapped a shaft. i woudl think more like a u joint though.
Most all of us Quads have the hollow aluminum drive shafts and the regular cabs have solid metal ones. If by any chance something was making contact, an exhaust hangar like slammed said, it can easily score right through the shaft. Its no different than taking a dremel and setting it at 6000 rpms and grinding away in a circular motion on an aluminum tube. Eventually it will score it and then split or cut right through.

Sucks that it happened though. You may be able to make a claim on your comprehensive insurance if the failure was caused by the muddy drive or a foreign object in the driveway. Otherwise you will have to pony up yourself. Just consider it lucky it didnt happen as you had to tear ass and pull out in front of traffic or some kind of situation like that. The consequences could have been deadly in such a situation.

Yea i havent even thought about that. Well i was extremeley suprised to fin out that i can get a brand new driveshaft, 2 u-joints, and the yolk that goes into the tranny, all for 255$. Wow
Also theres also no way i caught a wheel, my tires are for real slicks, no tread definition. Ill check out the exhaust.
might have to get in on the possible aluminum driveshaft group buy!!
Yea i was considering it, but if i can get the driveshaft, both u joints, and the yolk for 255$ i cant beat that. Plus i decided today that with 81,000 miles on my truck its time for a change. I already have an F250 Diesel, so i guess im gona go with something like an 03/04 Cobra or a new GTO.
Maybe during all that rubber burning prior you u-joints had enough.. Noticed its an 03.. How many miles and how many sets of tires you been through??
its got 81,000 miles and im having my 4th set put on today. Oh well i got the parts from dodge already assembled for 255$, and installed in 10 minutes this morning. Anybody wanna buy her for 11,000$? My dad said he wants to sell it pretty quickly.
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