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DRC fenders + 37'' Mud Grapplers on 05 PW

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This stuff is addicting,
Coming soon on my Power Wagon so I'll have some stock wheels and 35'' mud grapplers and 05 fenders looking 4 a home.
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Got any pics of the stock wheels and tires? Where are you located? How much do you want for them?
I'm in Northern Va,Tires have 8000 miles and have never been offroad rotated every 3000 miles.Rebalanced and rotated at 6000 miles.I would like to get a grand 4 the set
Dude you got me all excited and theres no pics, this is BS!!!!!!
gotdiesel is up there in your neck of the woods. im from va beach
Man that is tempting. I am in Va. also.

all u virginia people meet up and get pics of this power wagon :whackit: :whackit: :whackit:
Do you have a leveling kit or a lift kit or are you gonna get the 37"s on the oem suspension?

Are there any potential rubbing issues with the control arms with such a large tire on minimal lift?
thats going to be sick, im going to get those same fenders in a couple months.
Posted at Kore to leave the suspension alone and slap the DRC fenders and 37's.I'm putting some Black wheels and The Kore stabilizer on my rig.Thinking snorkle also.Can anyone lead me in the right direction?
Did you ask kore directly by phone or mail, or is there a special message board to ask Kore?

Im interested in how you can fit 37" tires on a stock suspension and just glass fenders...
so where are these pics?????? :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh:
Awhile back went to Kore's web-site and they suggested this application.Been on their web page recently and can't find the page about the PW.
Stephen Veatch said:
Posted at Kore to leave the suspension alone and slap the DRC fenders and 37's.
I remember this too. For trail riding and chase truck duties, they said the PW was AWESOME. 'Glass fenders and 37's–stick a fork in it–done. They basically said, if you weren't after Trophy Truck-like performance, leave the PW suspension alone. If that's what you want out of your PW, then get the Race series(and now they have also added the Unlimited series suspension).
Is the power wagon taller than a 2500 4x4 truck? I would love to just add 37" glass fenders and get some 37" MTs on my stock wheels..

I have an 06 CTD 2500 QC...
the powerwagon sits about as high as a leveled 2500, maybe leveled with a 1" overall lift

around 3" front 1" rear lift
Fenders,Dampner,And wheels willbe in Friday.Fenders then go to get painted and by the time their finished my rubber willbe in also.2 weeks should be together.
thats going to be sick.
I feel cheated

there was a paperclip, and I was not rewarded with pictures!!!!!!!!!!
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