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OK, I think I have asked about this before, but surely someone has to have this by now. I need a diagram or schematic or at least pin description for all of the pins on the ECM plugs on an 05 Dodge with the Cummins engine. I have access to Cummins schematics and pin diagrams for every other engine, but they don't release the info for the engines they sell to Dodge AND they make them different so that the pins don't refer to the same controls. I want to add a few things like a switch to manually turn on the cooling fan and I want to have a few other things eventually that are available on the Cummins ISB engine, but have to be accessed or controlled directly at the ECM plug. Also I want to run a switch separately to a common control panel for these items in the dash and integrate my ground signal for the high idle enable switch (ground that bypasses the $300 clutch switch Dodge wants to sell those of us with the manual trans).

SO, does ANYONE have a link to a Dodge Cummins ECM wiring diagram? OR if you have one on your computer or on disk, please email it to me- PM for my email address if you have this. Thank you. :gr_patrio

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Go to this web site and scroll down the left side of the page. You will see links to download the manual of your year truck. Be ware this is a full shop manual it will take a long time to download. It has gas and diesel combined in one manual. There is a block diagram with pin outs on it. It doesn't show someof them like the one for the fast idle. If you glean any info from it please share the love. :)

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I have read and read that manual. I just can't find an actual diagram or pin description for the ECM. I have even tried looking for testing or actuation functions for special functions like fan engagement, but to no avail. I hope someone just has a pin out description for the Dodge version Cummins in 05 so that I can just use that. I really wish that they would not have messed with them and just let us have the same ECM pin pattern as the other Cummins engines.

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Module-engine Control C1 - 60 Way Cav Circuit Function
1 K139 18db Wastegate Solenoid Control
2 - -
3 - -
4 D72 18wt/lb Ccd Bus (+)
5 D71 18wt/db Ccd Bus (-)
6 K65 18br/lb Fuel Pump Relay Return
7 K20 18br/gy Gen Field Control
8 K314 18tn/yl (a/t) Ttva Motor (+)
9 - -
10 - -
11 K2 18tn/bk Ect Signal
12 K181 18br/yl Fuel Rail Sensor Signal
13 - -
14 - -
15 K21 18db/lg Intake Air Temperature Sensor Signal
16 - -
17 - -
18 K23 18br/wt Apps No. 1 Signal
19 K31 18br Fuel Pump Relay Control
20 K315 18tn/or (a/t) Ttva Motor (-)
21 - -
22 K24 18lb/br Ckp Signal
23 K914 18rd/wt Sensor Ground
24 K44 18db/gy Cmp Signal
25 K668 18lg 5 Volt Supply
26 C918 18bk/lb A/c Pressure Signal
27 K853 18db/br 5 Volt Supply
28 K29 18wt/br Apps No. 2 Signal
29 K690 18dg/yl Sensor Ground
30 K11 16wt/db Injector Control No. 1
31 G123 18vt/lg Water In Fuel Sensor Signal
32 K916 18br/or Sensor Ground
33 K167 18br/yl Apps No. 1 Return
34 - -
35 K312 18or (a/t) Ttva Position Sensor Signal
36 K14 16br/tn Injector Control No. 4
37 - -
39 - -
40 K13 16tn Injector Control No. 3
41 - -
42 K852 18br/vt 5 Volt Supply
43 K37 18lb Boost Pressure Sensor Signal
44 - -
45 - -
46 K58 16br/vt Injector Control No. 6
47 - -
48 - -
49 - -
50 K12 16br/db Injector Control No. 2
51 - -
52 K975 18br/or Sensor Ground
53 K915 18vt/rd Fuel Rail Sensor Return
54 F855 18pk/yl 5 Volt Supply
55 - -
56 K38 16gy Injector Control No. 5
57 K229 16tn/pk Injector High Side Driver-bank 2
58 - -
59 K227 16br/lg Injector High Side Driver-bank 1
60 - -

Module-engine Control C2 - 50 Way Cav Circuit Function
1 - -
2 - -
3 K615 18vt/wt Inlet Air Temperature Sense
4 - -
5 K176 18br/or Intake Air Heater No. 2 Relay Control
6 K174 18br/yl Intake Air Heater No. 1 Relay Control
7 K31 18br Fuel Pump Relay Control
8 - -
9 T41 18yl/db (a/t) Park/neutral Position Switch Sense (t41)
10 K161 18br/lb Fan Speed Sensor
11 B22 18dg/yl Vehicle Speed Signal No. 1
12 G6 18vt/gy Oil Pressure Signal
13 T6 18dg (a/t) Tow/haul Overdrive Off Switch Sense
14 T118 18dg (a/t) Governor Pressure Solenoid Control
15 T9 18dg/tn (a/t) 3-4 Solenoid Control
16 D21 18wt/br Sci Transmit (ecm)
17 - -
18 T38 18yl/br (a/t) Governor Pressure Sensor Signal
19 D20 18wt/lg Sci Receive (ecm)
20 A209 16rd Fused B(+)
21 Z902 16bk Ground
22 - -
23 F856 18yl/pk (a/t) 5 Volt Supply
24 K900 18db/dg Sensor Ground
25 T75 18yl/lb (a/t) Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid Control
26 N4 18db/wt Fuel Level Sensor Signal
27 - -
28 D25 18wt/vt Pci Bus
29 T54 18dg/or (a/t) Transmission Temperature Sensor Signal
30 A209 16rd Fused B(+)
31 T515 18yl/db (a/t) Transmission Control Relay Control
32 F202 18pk/gy Fused Ignition Switch Output (run-start)
33 K854 18vt/br 5 Volt Supply
34 - -
35 K616 18br/yl Inlet Air Pressure Sense
36 V32 18vt/yl Brake Switch No. 2 Signal
37 B29 18dg/wt Brake Switch No. 1 Signal
38 - -
39 - -
40 A209 16rd Fused B(+)
41 C13 18lb/or A/c Clutch Relay Control
42 - -
43 K160 18br/or Fan Clutch Control
44 T14 18dg/br (a/t) Output Speed Sensor Signal
45 T13 18dg/vt (a/t) Speed Sensor Ground
46 V37 18vt S/c Switch No. 1 Signal
47 K25 18db/vt Batt Temp Signal
48 K400 18br/vt Apps No. 2 Return
49 Z902 16bk Ground
50 Z902 16bk Ground


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That is absolutely the best thing that ever happened to me- today at least. THANKS!!!!!!

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OK, a little more technical..... Plug C2- Pin 43 K160 is an 18 gauge wire, color is Brown and Orange- it is the Fan Clutch Control. The question is- is this a 12V output to the fan clutch? I figure it is variable to control the fan clutch at different speeds, BUT maybe it is just a 12V output to turn it on full speed when needed if the Viscous control does not engage it enough???? Can I just splice in and apply 12V to this circuit to make the fan engage at full speed? Would I need to put a diode in it to keep the 12V signal from feeding back into the ECM plug when I provide that 12V from an outside (battery/ switch) source?

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Did you figure anything out on the fan clutch? I think I am having trouble with mine, and I would like to check it. I know you wrote this a year ago, but I figured you had it worked out by now.
farm boy
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