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For sale :

Interior accessories including 4 piece floor mat set with red ram logo and DODGE lettering, a set of 4 shoulder pads embroidered with the red rams logo and white DODGE lettering, a pair of medium Dodge pit crew gloves with red ram logo and white lettering.

Exterior headlight clear covers made out of ABS plastic. Made by GTS.

Not pictured : Black leather steering wheel wrap with red rams head and red DODGE lettering, and a Chrome key fob with Red Ram head and shield.

The floor mats have never been used, I bought them, and then put them in the garage in a box. I went with something a little more heavy duty. The gloves have never been worn. This can all be purchased as a set or bought individually. The headlight covers have been on my R/T in the garage since I got them, so are in excellent shape. The shoulder pads have no wear on them at all. I hardly ever take my truck out, so they hardly ever get used.

Front Floor mats -- paid $70 asking $65

Rear Floor mats -- paid $30 asking $25

Gloves -- paid $20 asking $15

Steering wheel cover -- paid $20 asking $15

Shoulder pads -- paid $60 asking $50

Key fob -- paid $12 asking $10

Headlight covers -- paid $80 asking $70

or if you want all of it I will take $190

Prices do not include shipping.

Let me know. Send me a PM, email notifications sometimes work sometimes dont.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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