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Do Not Buy Any Rough Country Lifts!!!!

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So here's the story, purchased the 6 inch lift from ROUGH COUNTRY a few months ago for my 05 QC 1500 2WD. Got the kit professionally installed recently, and noticed everytime I hit a BIG bump in the road the front end makes a hugh SLAM sounds. So I took it back to the shop, and they said its the front control arms. So I called Rough Country and they said, that they know of the problem and that's why they stop making those lift kits. So, I asked what should I do with my truck and they said I should remove the lift and buy another lift from FABTECH or some other company that makes lifts for 2WD trucks, even tho they claim to offer a life-time warranty on their lifts. That's why you should NOT BUY ANY ROUGH COUNTRY PRODUCTS!!!
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thats bs. it's always worth it to spend the extra money and get a better product imo
I've heard of some problems with the 2wd lift.I would try calling back and talking to someone else.I know how aggrevating dealing with crap like that is,and it makes it worse when you have some gomer on the other line.

I have a RC lift on my 4X4 and haven't had any problems.
well no offense but the rough country lift wouldnt be my first choice with those big ole' rubber spacers for the front end....

but best of luck to ya, i hope you get your $$ back and get a better lift.....
is there any chance of you being able to send them the kit back and getting a refund?
but i drive a 4x4
Return The Kit To The Dealer Who Sold You The Kit, That Is If You Didnt Buy It Direct From Rough Country. If You Did Then Send It Back To Their Ass, Tell Them You Will Make It A Legal Dispute If They Dont Give You Back Your Money, Because They Knew Of The Problems With The Kit And Failed To Pull Them Off The Market. When All Thats Taken Care Of Go With Cst Or Fabtech. By The Way I Have A Rc Kit On My 4*4 Works Great (=, But Seriously Best Of Luck Bud.
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