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Deep Sand 4 Wheeling!

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Yep - after a week on the Outer Banks of Carolina surf fishing - i can report that the D2 is VERY capable off-road. The deep sand that was sucking some other trucks down - was handled with dignity and grace in the Beach Assault Vehicle ;)

Powered through every situation! Woot! :rck:
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:stu: Yeah...:D
I will second that.

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[cringe!] Stand By for Pix.
white tires are you running?
I used to live in Emerald Isle NC. That sand was deep. Lots of trucks stuck. :)
Stock Goodyear GSAs from the 20" Ram Pick ups...

I aired down to ~22psi - but i am not sure i needed to...
I second that the D is capable in deep sand
I did it by 06 D with a HEMI

stock goodyear R17 tyres
hey, what ever happened to those pictures???
Going in Sand... should I???

I recently bought an '06 Durango Limited. I'm planning on going off-road in sand dunes this weekend... but i have no experience in off road driving (don't worry... i will be going with professionals to teach me)!

Is the Durango capable of handling sand dunes (soft sand)? Some people have told me it might be a bit too low and too long... any thoughts?

most any SUV can handle sand if you do it right. The Gen 2 front bumper is the biggest liability you will have to overcome. careful with steep approaches or dips. Air down your tires to 15 psi for a better footprint and traction. Have fun.
Where are the fish pictures I can see sand anytime .....
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