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D250 Donor vehicle

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First, I've been a lurker for a while, and wanted to thank everyone for the info on these vehicles.

I bought two D250's crew cabs today on eBay! (see pics at auction #130033760196)

I will be keeping the '85 D250 that has more options, a/c, etc.

The '84 blue, ex-Navy vehicle will be the donor for the bed, a fender and the motor, but the Gov't provided no title, so it can't easily be put on the road and will probably be junked.

While I am at it, are there any hard to find or obsolete parts I should grab before getting rid of it?
I'm willing to remove many small or hard to find parts, but I think doors, windows, etc would be hard to store.

Any suggestions?
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Nice! I would keep the back doors if I were you, those I bet will start becoming rare....

I purchased a simlar truck(AF crew cab) and currently in the process of bodywork/paint. Wish my bed was as clean as that blue one you got. Top of my cab above the windshield is gonna take a lot of work cause they fiberglassed in a repair....

Thanks for the reply.

Good idea about the back doors.
I went to a parts site and got some rough ideas on which parts were expensive and should be kept.

The rest I will junk as the price for scrap metal is up!
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