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I have just spent hours, upon hours, literally about 4-5 hours reading through the first 16 pages in the 6.7L section and i have come up with a few questions...

1.) early 6.7L have a different turbo than the 08's?

2.) is this a completely different turbo? or is it just tapped so it can be cleaned? and if it is a different turbo, how to tell the difference?

3.)What's the latest Flash for a 07 6.7L Auto?

4.)Have most of the 6.7L issues been worked out now on the 3rd Gens? they have been out for 5 years now.

5.) how much driving does it take for the DPF to go from 80% full to 100% full? say if i happen to be pulling into a parking spot and get the 80% full, does that mean i need to cancel my plans and go take it for a good hard drive? (also i dont drive very lightly)

Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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