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Hey all.

I inherited my parents 1993 Dodge Caravan SE, front wheel drive 3.0 liter 6 cylinder. They've both passed away and I suppose I'm hanging onto this for sentimental reasons and fixing it up.

When I got this, the gear indicator wasn't working. While I can drive around with no issue's, I have to instinctively know what gear I am, regardless of what gear I pull into, the indicator shows Park.

So I had it repaired to the tune of $100.

Then on a very cold day a month later, it broke again.
Then I had it fixed at a different repair shop for just under a hundred.

And today was a cold day....and again it broke when I put it into gear.
But this time it was weird. It was working. I drove, I put it into park and the indicator, slowly slid down to Park. When I tried putting it into reverse, the indicator was stuck on Park.

Now I'd like to stop paying a hundred bucks for this for a fix that lasts one month. Any idea's where I should be looking? I've tried researching online and it seems I have a unique problem (everything else that's posted seems to be that people can't get their vehicles into gear...I have no such issue)

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