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This question was already asked, but no one seemed to have a definitive fix for it, the thread has since been closed, so I'm posting my fix for it.

I took the heater blower motor out (3 - 10mm bolts) unhooked the wiring harness. Get a small dude like me :) Have him lay on his back on the passengers side floor board with a bright flashlight. Look way up inside the dash, inside the round hole where the squirrel cage of the heater motor goes, you'll see a roughly 3" x 4" rectangular hatch with foam on the edge. Mine fell out of the hole on the top and allows a blast of cold winter air to rush out and into the dash board area behind the glove box and unto your lap. In sub zero Michigan winter, not fun!
I think it's a service hatch, anyway I put some glue around the edge and pushed it really hard back up into the hole it fell out of on the top of the air tunnel. Then I cut a chunk out of a scrap piece of firm foam I had saved, and I wedged it between the bottom of the air duct and the bottom of the hatch, so the hatch can't be blown open even if the glue fails. Put the blower motor back in, plug in the wiring.
Took the Rango for a test drive Walla!!! No more cold crotch blast. My wife is super happy! Happy wife... Happy life!

Hope this helps you out.
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