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Clunk from front end

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Just picked up a 2001 Grand Caravan, noticed a clunking noise from front end. Took it back to dealer
and they replaced sway bar links. Noise is still there....

It only occurs over bumps or if I turn the wheel back and forth (may the van sway back and forth)
it will clunk as well.

Any ideas?
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Could be the struts are worn. How many miles does it have?
van has 52k miles on it.
a couple of possibilities

the upper bearing plates on the struts may be worn out


the lower ball joints might be done

you might take the van to a trustworthy alignment shop and have the front end checked out/diagnosed and get an estimate on the cost of repairs. Some shops charge for this; some do it gratis

you can then make a decision on whether or not you feel comfortable in doing the job yourself, either from a technical point of view or the cost.

but you can avoid the problem of changing parts until you find the problem
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make sure they replaced all the sway bar bushings and not just the endlinks, the inboard bushings that go "around" the bar could be the culprits...
Got the van back, the dealer replaced the steering rack and everything appears to be fixed now. thanks for the suggestions.
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