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Chrome clad 20's, replacement?

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I just got my new Kumho 275/45's mounted and balanced at a local tire place, and we just dropped them off, cuz they were "busy", and got some lunch. We came back and picked them up, not really thinking about any damage. But, sure enough when we went to put them on to see how cool they look, there is a crease in the chrome plastic cladding stuff that looks pretty bad. I'm not sure how they managed to do it, but they did. I took some pics but I'm not sure if it turned out well enough for yall to tell, it's about 2" long. You def can when ur lookin' in real life. So, can you buy like a replacement clad part, like a hubcap kinda thing, or are they going to have to replace my whole rim? I'm going back 2marow to show them. :VHOT:


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I hate to say it but if you didnt say anything before you left your going to have fun getting any thing out of them.
that least it was just a factory rim. my tire place put the wheel lock key on my bumper, then open up my tailgate. so now i have a nice star patterned dent on quite possibly the most flattest peice of sheet metal known to man. how'd you bang your truck up so badly? maybe you can blame that on them as
This also was done to my 17'' wheels,when they pulled the wheel weights off it was dented from the old weights being pulled of.
No chrome clad 20" cover can be bought separately. The whole rims gotta be replaced. Sucks that it happened man.

Yeah the rim cannot be dealer damaged one of mine with a socket and the dealer tried to get it repaired. Green's Automotive that specializes in repairing rims stated that the rim is plastic cladded and it wasn't possible to repair. The dealer replaced the rim with a new one. Unfortunately in your situation, unless you spotted it before you left the tire shop.....they probably will deny that they did the damage.
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