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Check engine light on....

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Ok, well the check engine light was glaring in my face all the way to work this morning. I would be about 95% sure it is because I just installed the AFE Stage II CAI, and removed the CAT...

My question is, can I reset it myself without going and having to make an appointment with the dealer? Also, how do I get the code again from inside the truck? I know there is a trick to doing that....

Oh yeah, only 1100 miles on the truck... My 05' never had a problem with the same exact mods...

Thanks in advance for the replies...

Carlos J.
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maybe you forgot to plug back in the IAT sensor??? it sits on top of the stock airbox. if its so just plug it back in and after a few drive it will disappear
Did you hookup the AIT sensor to the new air intake?
Cycle the key off and on three (or is it five?) times to check for codes on the display.

Yeah, I put on the Mass Air Flow sensor, its tight and I remembered to use the proper seal that it comes with prior to screwing it back on to the new intake... I will double check though. Keep this in mind though, I drove the truck for about 3 days with my new stuff before it came on..
I had a light come on took it into the dealer and pulled a code. It was a issue with the battery that is not real. He reset it and called me back when they got the nw software to fix the issue. I was told that they knew about the issue???
Do the key trick, on off on off on. A "P" code will appear. You write that down and come here to look up the code.

I had the battery temp code come up also, several times, but it usually turns off after a day or two.
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