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After driving my 2001 Ram 1500 V6 a couple of miles it gives me a ding-ding alarm and indicates to check my gauges. When I do this I see that the voltage meter is pegged to the right full blast. I stop the truck and cut the key off and then start it up again. Now the light is gone and the gauge is working correctly. When this happens I don't hear any whining from the alternator like it is loaded heavily. I'm afraid to drive the truck much because if the volt meter is telling the truth I could burn up a bunch of stuff. Could this be a problem with the ECM since it controls the alternator? Someone makes a kit to bypass the ECM's control of the alternator and control the alternator externally of the ECM. Is this something you've seen and is this problem with the volt meter a common thing with this model truck? A repair kit for the alternator would be a lot cheaper than a new ECM. By the way, the truck has 132,000 miles on it.
One other thing----- the transmission is having a difficult time shifting into overdrive. It will finally shift after getting to about 65 mph but it is a little harsh. I only mention this because the shifting is dependent on the ECM (I think). Do you think that both problems could be caused by a bad ECM?
Thanks for any help you can offer.!
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