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CB Antenna Mount

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I just bought the CB antennas and i got the mirror mounts. Is there an easy way to attach it to the stake hole(i mean making it look perfect on both sides). Or just take yuor time.
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here is my newer heavier duty mounts with smaller antennas somewhere i have pics of the wire routing and where the radio mounts i will find and post them for you
here is where i mounted my radio

and how i routed the wires through the stake pocket holes and towards the bottom of the truck( i had to fix that wire loom that pulled off a little bit)

and where i ran it across from the pass side to the drivers side

where the two met on the drivers side and went forward

and where it went up through the floor

at first i used some cheap light duty fold able mounts with big antennas but they got loose and wobbly real fast

so then i went to quick disconnect and heavy duty mounts and smaller antennas ( all you need to do is get above the roof line with the top of the antenna)

and the final finished product ( after many changes(which is very even and straight from side to side ( very clean in my opinion)

you can do a search on cbs and cb antennas and get a wealth of info ( even from posts 2-3 years ago)on where people mount antennas/radios and what kind of brackets they use

fell free to pm me with any questions
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cool, thanks. Was it easy mounting the bracket in the stake hole
How did you drill the holes to mount the antenna bracket, cause obvisoulsy there is no way to get a drill in the stake hole. For the cb i will be ordering a custom overhead console from classy chassis trucks.
just drilled them from inside he box ( its the only way)

at first i had the part of the bracket with the holes outside the hole( thats real easy to drill) but when i put on my bed cover then the whole bracket had to go inside the hole

i only have bolts in the top tow of the four holes in the bracket and i think they still lined up after moving the bracket inside the hole

got a link or pic of the console i might be interested in something a little neater/cleaner
k, ill try and mount them this weekend. The overhead console is from classy chassis trucks I still have to buy it. theres a link of a post of the console, theres a picture of it in the 2nd post.
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