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We are now stocking the Carli BackCountry Shock Package!

$1010 with free shipping to the lower 48 states

This is a great upgrade to your Carli Starter Kit

The same internals, design and performance as the 7100's that come in the Performance 2.0 shock package, with different hardware to work in concert with O.E.M. shock towers. This package will deliver the same ride quality as the Performance 2.0, while saving you some coin. By eliminating the need for the billet shock clevises and the shock end bearings/misalingment spacers, a very expensive machining and coating process is omitted from the system price tag. This shock package is a bit easier to install since the rear shocks uses banjo fittings and the reservoirs clamp to the shock body. The fronts are a direct bolt in since they are a pintop design that doesn't require any adapting clevise or hardware. Since all of the attachment points use bushings and sleeves it makes for a quieter and maintenance free installation which also leads to a slight increase in street ride comfort.

Although these shocks are sealed from the factory, rebuild kits will be available shortly that will add a Schrader valve to the end of the reservoir so that they can be recharged with nitrogen.​

  • Custom Bilstein 5160 Remote Reservoir Rear Shocks
  • Custom Bilstein 5160 Remote Reservoir Front Shocks
  • Limit Strap Kit
  • Front Reservoir Frame Mounts and Clamps
  • Rear Poly Reservoir Isolators and Clamps


  • 03 - 09 2500 / 3500 4x4 Diesel
  • 10 - 12 2500 / 3500 4x4 Diesel
  • Due to the sealed shocks from Bilstein there are no Hemi or 2nd Gen applications for this kit. A great alternative would be the Performance 2.0 System.
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