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Dodge caravan 2005
After replacing the ipm, the washer pump will not work but the wipers do work normally. (the pump may have not been working before the ipm replacement). I checked the pump by connecting it to the battery and it works. There is no voltage in the connector on the wire at the pump when the switch is on (on the turn signal wiper switch). I saw that someone suggested rigging a wire with a switch and fuse to the pump. I wondered about connecting it to the cigarette lighter.
Trusted garages have said :
Wipers and pump are on the same relay-fuse.
There may be a problem with the wiring between ipm and pump
I see that there are empty "slots" in the ipm that the cover identifies as 40A RG HDLP WASHER & RG HEADLAMP WASHER RELAY.
Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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