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Hi, thanks for reading. I've searched, but can't post links yet :nerd Once I can post links I'll update OP

==> I'm curious if there's an answer since 2012 that avoids having to use a dealer to flash PCM

P0344 P0340 codes, mentions PCM needing a flash & the specific TSB 18-015-09
(can't post link, but thread number is t=60461, from 2012 by @Brickford "Recurring P0344")

@dmcelhannon mentinos cam sensor from Autozone doesn't always work
(thread number p=5508561&postcount=4, from 2014 by @farmboy8520 "HELP- p0016 and p0344 codes- Ram 1500 4.7")

  • Old truck new to me, 2004 1500 quad 2WD 4.7
  • reman 4.7 engine 20k miles ago
    • Unknown whether PCM flashed then
  • Prev owner replaced cam sensor, part from O'Reilly's I think
  • This issue could have been recurring; prev owner had a scanner to reset codes
  • I changed crank sensor, part from NAPA
  • Was running fine for 1-2 mo, CEL went away & good power
  • Last 2 days (hot weather), stuttering upon hard accel., tach needle usually skips down but not zero, engine misses/putters out, and sometimes stalls completely. Not speed dependent; after initial stutter it might happen on light accel.
  • Went back to normal for ~3 starts, CEL went off, but came back today and even started beeping every 30s
  • Dash codes P0344, P0340 (cam and crank sensors)
  • TYPICAL other electrical going on, slow drain on long drive (alternator?) despite 1yr old battery, aftermarket radio flakey, security seems to kick in randomly, phantom wipers, etc

I will try a battery charge, since that can affect all kinds of fun things.

  • Any way to test cam/crank sensor, other than "try a new one"
    • What's the reason certain sensors don't work?
  • Does PCM flash address this? If so, what's the cheapest way to accomplish PCM flash?
    • Any DIY method to tell current firmware number?
    • Any DIY to flash?
    • Any tuners for this engine, and would they flash PCM anyway?

I just need it reliable. Thanks

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Welcome to DT!

You have the same types of problems that I'm having with our '92 Buick. It's was at the dealer all week and they called to say they cannot work on it because it's too old.

For your Ram, it might cost you some but you might benefit from a trip to the dealership. There could be something going on that's killing the sensor(s).


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Hopefully they last longer than 2 months. Post here if you see anything weird or a recurring problem.

What I'm trying to figure out is the cause of the problem. Is it that the new parts are spec'd to require new PCM settings, or are aftermarket senors just out of spec? Or are they falling out of spec (loosing magnetization) after install?? If it's that, is this something we can test before/after installing?

These sensors are a quick DIY fix. Has anyone tried using a volt/ammeter as a magnetometer, or piggy tail off the signal, to get familiar with what they're supposed to read?

On mine I'm to the point it'd be better to keep the CEL / limp mode on all the time--at least then it's reliable. If there is a "farmer's PCM" I'd consider it. Right now it'll run fine for multiple restarts which turns off the CEL, but then the funny business starts back up: stalls at idle waiting at a signal, sputter/missing (especially when about to shift from 1-2 or 2-3), after which point it sometimes won't start immediately. (And of course, CEL turns back on.) Not safe for the highway

... And the wild card is PCM reprogramming. I'd love to avoid this but will do if anyone can confirm this will solve the problem

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