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Time for a new van!
The Mrs says she is ready for a new van so ... time to enjoy some
massive spending!

Looking for owner comments - what is good, better, bad, must
have, forgeddabout it, wait a year, buy a Toyota (checked it out,
with 3 powe doors, it is about 4500 more - which you could get
back on a future resale/trade in theory), get trailer tow , get side curtain
airbags, don't get red etc.

We got the options down to two models with the
stuff we want.

Town & Country Limited. The options are just right.

Dodge Grand Caravan SXT, but add power liftgate, and tire
pressure monitoring to even up the options.

The Chrysler is a few hundred more according to Edmunds
after adding the SXT options. And - the T&C seemingly has an
extra power outlet, radio controls on the steering wheel.

The Dodge is a few hundred less, and does have the fog
lights which are usless on our 2000 Sport GC.

So - we're going to get some internet quotes (one each van, as close as possible
based on dealer stock according to Edmunds links to the local dealer
inventories), and go see each over the weekend.

Any comments on warranty uplifts or upgrades needed. Our old van
made good on the rapair 4 times of leaky trans, but that warranty is over,
and I'm nervous about that. Ideally, we'd like the warranty where if there is
a repair/fix, they come get the van and bring an equal loaner, and coffe and
donuts for us - I'd ask that they move the car seats too, but that may be asking
too much.

When is soon - unless employee pricing is back, the rebate right now is good
at $4000. Any notes on recent deals would help when it comes time to
make our move.


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Personally we are looking at buying a new Town & Country. It has all the options, i love the steering wheel radio controls and the extra power outlets for my laptop and cooler and with the $4000.00 cash back the price is right. Since our kids are grown the DVD combo won't get much use, but i intend to add a GPS satelite map system and WIFI for the computer anyhow.

We looked at what the dealer had and we will be ordering our own with the extra options we want.


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If you can hold out till 2008 the totally revamped model will be out code named RT. The current model is the RS.
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