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Brake Problems

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I just did a brake job on my 93 Dakota 4x2.
Everything seemed to go well.
However, on the way home last night my brake pedal went 2/3 of the way to the floor, brakes went soft/out, and the brake and ABS lights came on.
I got out and checked the reservoirs and both were topped off!!
Got back in and pumped the pedal a couple times and the brakes came back up!!
They went soft/out a few more times on the way home.
What does this sound like?

I'm thinking either Master Cylinder or proportioning valve?
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When you compressed the brake caliper pistons in for the new pads, did you open the bleeder screws? If you didn't it's possible that dirty fluid got pushed back up into the master cylinder and the ABS unit.....which has been known to damage the unit on some occasions.

Try bleeding the brake system with fresh brake fluid....some ABS units have bleeder screws on them so you'll need to bleed them first.
whoa! wait a minute. what EXACTLY do you mean by "just did a brake job"

be specific and tell us what you did? was it:
front pads? y/n
front rotors? y/n
front calipers? y/n
rear shoes? y/n
rear drums? y/n
shoe hardware? y/n
wheel cylinders? y/n

did you bleed the brakes? or lose fluid in someway?

if its rear brakes, do you self-adjust them by:

traveling forward, then come to complete stop, the drive in reverse for several car-lengths then come to a complete stop, then drive forward again.

repeat the process for 8 to 10 times. ( the key here is coming to a _complete_ stop for 1 to 2 secs. then you may change your direction.)

in this manner the self-adjusters in the rear brakes engage and will adjust your rear brake shoes.
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i had brake problems at 5k and 13k
I would apply the brks at lights and my steering wheel would shake and the truck pulled a little

i took the truck back both times and the dealers said the rotors were warped. they turned my rotors twice and at 13k i got new brake pads

2003 quad cab 1500 V8
Was it covered under warranty? I hope so. No way you should be needing any kind of brake work at that mileage.
Ive Heard

I'm pretty sure when you bleed the the brakes on an anti-lock system, you need to have the motor running to cycle the anti-lock vavles. Give it a try.
2003 QC 2500 CTD, 00 Dakota R/T, 96 Dakota SLT 3.9
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