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1997 B3500 Van 5.9L
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'08 D2 2x2 Durango - - - went up on the Blue Ridge Mountains
last week and the constant braking caused the dash brake lights
to come on and never went off . . . I checked the temp of the calipers
every 30 minutes to stay on top of any possible overheat issues.......
pads and rotors are in very good condition.....
had a mechanic at a truck stop look at it and he said some brake dust
or trash may have gotten into the sensors. (which was common in the mountains).
He was swamped with work and suggested I just spray the sensors
with Brake Kleen that should solve the issue . . . if not, into the tire shop.
brake fluid level never got below the max line and the fluid is clear and
does not have a foul/burnt smell to it........

so - where are these sensors that need attention ???
2008 Durango 2x2 SLT
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