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Oracle Lighting LED Wheel Halo SALE! Take 15% off your order of LED Wheel Rings this weekend only! Use coupon code wr1save15 here: These rings install around your brake rotors and attach to the factory dust shield using the included stainless steel hardware. Will work on any vehicle with disc brakes and can fit drums with some modification.

These "Tron" inspired wheel rings are designed to fit around the brake rotors of your vehicle and illuminate the barrel of the rim and wheel well. These aluminum hoops are fitted with high grade ORACLE Flex Strip featuring premium Bridgelux 3528 LEDs. The kit includes everything you need to install these rings and is designed to fit all makes and models.

If you are looking for the next "head turning" mod then these are perfect for you!

Product Specs:
- Wheel Ring Diameter: 15.5"
- Mounts to brake rotor dust shield
- Operating Voltage: 12V DC
- Vibrantly Lights Up Wheel Wells.
- ORACLE Quality Flex LED Strip.
- Fits Around Brake Rotor.
- Can Withstand High Temperatures.
- Universal Fitment.
- Mounting Hardware Included.
- 1 Year Warranty.

Note* Fits up to 15" Rotor- Be sure to check the diameter of your brake rotor to ensure proper fitment.

Product includes:
-(4) Aluminum Wheel Rings equipped with Premium ORACLE LEDs
-(1) ORACLE LED Illuminated Rocker Switch.
-(12) Aluminum Mounting Brackets (3 Per Ring)
-Hardware- Bolts, Nuts, Washers and Screws
-Installation Instructions

Available in White, Red, Blue, Green, Aqua/ABL, Amber, Purple (UV), or Colorshift!

Order Here:

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