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best way to get 550+ hp

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03 cummins only the 250 SO motor i guess, 48re tranny.

so my trannys gettin done right away here, whats the best way to get 550-600 hp and twice that torque?

i'd like to be able to stack a couple chips, bigger injectors or something, upgrade my lift pump to help supply my injection pump (necessary right?) and then the usual intake and exhaust, can this be done? or whats the most reasonable way to get some real power going around? i am goin to run some aftermarket guages, forsure an autometer egt cause i cant trust a monitor to tell me that.

i dont know how great of an idea it would be to stack some chips or run a crazy program though.. when is it necessary to upgrade hard parts like a turbo/cooler etc. i can't even run the crazy larry on my 03 can i?

whats that smarty like? how does it compare to the tst products?
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Got Diesel? is the best member to go through for that. he got 505hp out of his SO

I would say bigger turbo/twins, injectors, TST box and something to stack with the TST. Also will definitely need a lift pump
from what i read that smarty is probably the best, although a lot of guys like the tst products (not very familiar with them) but that smarty is a pain in the ass to change around i think, if you go for a long drive u gotta set it to mileage, if your rippin in town u gotta set it to somethin else, having the ability to change on the fly is so nice.. any thoughts?
You will need some injectors, a turbo, TST, better lift pump, something else to stack with the TST like a MP-8, EZ, BDDL, or Smarty. That will get you tothe 500hp mark. Get a modified CP3 and you should be around 525-550hp. Of course intake, exhaust, and guages are also needed and should be done first. If you plan on drag racing then you should also get billet input and output shafts. They are expensive but the output shaft is the weak point in the trans for 4wd boosted launches...
Man! I wish we could have just traded trucks a couple weeks ago. My old one is sitting at the dealer with a full DTT trans and Formula1 injectors......
BTW, it's not as easy to get the high torque numbers with an SO. I'm not sure why. Twins may get you to the 600hp mark too. Your truck will be fast as Hell!!!! You will need new tires in short order.......
We talked about you this weekend. Still can't believe you let those Formula 1 injectors go.....

Dude, if they would have fit in the 07 I would have paid the dealer to swap them. I gave people plenty of time to buy them and just do a swap but nobody stepped up..... It does suck! That truck had about$6000.00 worth of stuff on it.....
I would love to have them but Va is kind of far from me.

All of these suggestions have been good ones. You could also think about Water Meth or NOS also. May want to stud the heads if you do that or twins. Should be a fun truck. Keep us posted...
yeah, as of now, i am hopin to get some 110hp nozzles. (so damn pricey though...) full guages of course and then stack a tst with either a pressure box or a smarty depending on what i read about them in the next lil while. and then of course exhaust, leaning towards 5" magnaflow i think. and a cai maybe even an ats intake manifold. i think i can hit 500 with all that.. hopin anyway, what do you guys think?
Your stock turbo will only make about 30psi of boost. I doubt you will get much higher than 400hp with it.....
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