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Bench Seat Compatibility 2002 Ram

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I just got a used 2002 ram van with only one bench seat in it. I'd like to add another, and tried to put a seat in from a 1997 ram van, but the hooks/latches that hold the seats in are different. i'd like to try to find a matching seat at a junkyard, but need to know what years i should be looking for..... anyone know if there are other years seats that would be compatible?

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I would believe that a 1998 or newer van bench seat would be the right size. Just in case, measure the hook/latch distances to verify.

In 1998 and newer, the fuel tank was relocated to mid-vehicle, the dog house was moved forward by adding more interior room, and other small but noticable things.
I agree. The 98-03 vans are practically identical.
thanks guys, i'll have to look into it. i'm not sure what my chances of finding one in a junk yard are, especially in a small town, but i'll give it a whirl.
If you find the seat, but no seat belts, then you can order the OEM or OEM conversion van seat belts from CPC here:

Here's Glaval's main website:

Here's their parts website:

The seats and seatbelts too:

AND ... if you can't find any seat, then add one of the OEM conversion seats. They fit too! Seat: Complete Seats

We have the W-SUPSFCLAFAB2 Sofa Complete Classic Style Manual Bench/Sofa in our 2000 Dodge Ram Conversion Van by Prime Time. This seat uses the very same rear anchor bolts in the very far back. The price isn't all that bad either compared to the rest.
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