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Banks Monster Exhaust??

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I have a brand new 06' Ram 1500 5.7L Hemi Laramie. I want to get the Superchips programmer, a cold air intake, and an exhaust. The only question I have is on the exhaust. I am really thinking about the Magnaflow. But I saw the Banks Power Monster exhaust on the banks site. I called Banks, to make sure it was a rear exit behind the wheel, and it was. (That is what I am looking for) Does anyone have any experience with, or comments about the Banks monster exhaust?
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I do not personally have any experience with the banks setup, but Im sure someone will chime in. Isnt Banks primarily Diesel setups?

I haven't seen a Ram with the Banks Exhaust. I have seen plenty of Titans with it however. My personal opinion is that it is a nice setup, but no different than what a local shop can fab - for probably half the price.
its actually cheaper to do the custom exhaust at least where i live...kits and pre made setups are way more expensive
Thanks. I searched it, and saw that a guy installed the banks, but he didn't mention how it sounded, just that it was easy to install. I have 40 series flowmasters on my IROC-Z, so I don't really want to get those again. I don't want a ridiculous roar in my ram. I think I'll end up with the magnaflow.
get a custom shop to fab up an exhaust and use a magnaflow muffler. save your money and buy a superchips all for the price you would spend on the banks exahaust.
yea i would find a shop and get a custome exhaust done!
We have a new sponsor for exhaust systems.. check this thread

or his website
what, no hemi true duals? or hemi x-pipe? darn
Yeah he has them... as of like now.. check this thread then
Banks Exhaust

I actually have it installed but have not had a chance to take any sound clips. It sounds good, but has a slight drone at about 2k rpm. It is 100% stainless steel and is complete bolt on. It only took me about an hour to install. I live in Alaska and the exhaust shops do not do stainless pipe. In my opinion, it is not worth replacing stainless (which is what the factory exhast is) with aluminized pipe. Feel free to ask any questions or PM me.


if you want something mellow then go with a magnaflow vs a flowmaster setup.
The show "Trucks" did an episode about a Banks setup on a stock "Furd F150". They did a Dyno before any mods and did a dyno each time after 3 different mods. It was all Banks stuff for gas engines. Started w/ exhaust and Ram Air Intake (Stinger System), then did manifold assemble, then programmer and supercharger. If you go to the Tucks website, they have it all listed. Very Cool show! I'm saving my money for that stuff!
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I had thought Banks was all diesel too. But the Jeepers on Jeep forums swear by the Banks for the 4.0 motors. I just helped install one on my buddy's TJ. It's got a real nice burble at idle, and it sounds like a big european six at WOT (not that ricer "Brrrrrrrrr").

He's gotten as bad as me. A tank of fuel lasts NO time at all anymore, lol.... :D

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