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I've come across an electrical problem I've never come across before. I'm confident that I'll discover the problem but just incase someone else has had this problem I'd like to know.
I recently went through a 3.9 liter engine. I installed the engine back into the truck and for some reason or another the asd relay just buzzes. I double checked all the relays, grounds, power supplies, coil, cam & crank sensors, etc but when I turn the key on the asd buzzes & thus the unit has no spark.
The wierd thing about this is that I hooked up my scanner to check for codes & none were logged. I erased any way & even did the computer reset thing but didn't get anywhere. I hooked the scanner up a few times before I noticed that after hooking up the scanner & turning the key on that the asd relay stopped buzzing. What the heck, I cranked the engine over & the engine tried to start. So I primed up the fuel system several times , cranked it over and it runs fine, no codes, etc. However, when I disconnect the obd2 scan tool the thing does & no spark again. Until I hook up the obd2 scanner and then it starts & runs fine.
As I stated earlier, i will find the problem, I just thought I'd share the problem with ya'll. The obd2 scan tool is way less expensive than a pcmcia. Haha
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