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Anyone seen these yet?

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Wow, those are cool! :cool: If the guy's feedback rating wasn't utterly horrible, I might make a bid!
yea, there are two different people on e-bay saling them.... both i just dont get the best feeling from lookin at their pages. Ill probly wait for a site who ive delt with before carry them. I just dont like dealing a whole lot with ebay.....

but on the note, they would look AWSOME! i would buy a 6000k or 8000k HID kit and put it in them. I also want to see a picture of the back of them. It says "Plug and Play." i like them but i wouldnt want the 3 LEDs at the bottom all all the time!
k2motor( 35727)
Feedback: 97.4% Positive

Maybe I'm missing something but that looks like fantastic feedback to me

There is also a blacked out version available. Watch out though, being projector doesn't mean it will be any good beam-wise. That goes double for the high beams. No experience with these, but similar versions for another app. really sucked. These trucks have much better light output than the previous gen. Dakota did. Unless I really liked the look of them, I'm not sure I'd want to be the guinea pig.
I like them ... would not buy them until I saw some feedback from people who have installed them though.
Has anybody bought them?!Man those black one's look pretty sick Oman IM getting wood just looking at them :D

I know someone on another fourm got them and had install fourms. And they looked HORABLE! ill see if i can find the link!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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