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anyone need a 20" tire/wheel

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I have 1 Goodyear 275/55/20 and polished 20" factory wheel from a 2002 Ram. New, never on ground mounted and balanced, I am near St Louis, Mo. I would like $200. Will consider offers. Thanks
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Good luck.
Thanks for the encouragement.
How's $150 shipped sound?
Sounds like a much better deal. Now you might spark some interest. I'd be interested if it was about half the price. I'm looking for a an actual "spare" steel wheel. I don't want to have to pay for the polished wheel when I'm only going to use it as a spare. Also, you might want to offer to break up the combo. Most guys with stock 20's here have 60 series tires. Just my $.02
I would do $175 shipped and packaged.
Still available, $175 shipped.
4U2NV said:
How's $150 shipped sound?
are you still interested? Need to get it out of the garage.
Its for a buddy of mine let me give him a call...
Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Wheel still for sale? PM sent
PM sent back to you. Thanks
Still available $175 shipped.
Sorry bro my buddy has never dealt with online purchases and backed out.
i did me best to talk him into it. He said he will probably pay $800 for 1 rim at the dealer. GO FIGURE...
Thanks for the effort, I don't understand though.
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