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another switch idea but need creative help

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alright so im looking to put like 4 switches in the truck sometime but want them to be hidden/clean looking
so im either going with matts idea and 4 down the left side of the dash
or i REALLLy wanna make something work for the ash tray

i was thinking of notching out a thin spot with a saws all so i could slide some abs plastic in it, then have 4 holes for the switches and i could close it up when not using them
plus i have the lights that will light them up for the ashtray and cupholder so i thought that would be a killer idea since i dont use the dumb thing

im just trying to think of more ideas for it to actually work and the plastic to stay in and still close :rck:
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The ashtray idea would be cool...I like mine because I know exactly when my switches are on because that bright LED is right on my face...this way I wont forget to turn my bottle heater off...haha
haha see thats what i was thinking, because then theyd be right there
i wanna get the ones that light up also but orange cause im gonna try to redo my backdash lights orange also:)
im just worried about drilling into that dash part i guess F IT haha thanks man so yeah illprobably just be copying you
I know guys who have put them in the cubby hole below the radio...That looks really cool as well. Just get some abs plastic to put behind the dash in that cubby hole and drill your holes into that...this way if you screw up drilling the holes, all you have to do is get another cheap piece of plastic.
yeah i wanna keep that hole though
i thought about putting some switches on my 3 gauge pod when i got it so i havent decided that either or making one of the holes a switch holder till i fill all the holes up haha
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