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About 2 months ago I bought a NEW 2013 Aero Dart 1.4 auto DDCT. It was sitting on a lot for a year or more with 62 miles on it before I drove it.

I was hoping to add Siruis to the 8.4" but I guess I can't do that.

I do want to add fog lights, does anybody know if I add the lights, is there a place to connect them to in the light wiring harness up front as well as at the switch in the dash? Is it pre wired for fogs?

Within 3 days we heard some rattles which the techs at the dealership admitted to hearing, but they can't find it. They did replace the doom lamp. I know the rattle does not go away with light pressure on the brake pedal. The dealership says that Dodge has had this issue but they don't want to tear into the dash on every one to look for the problem.

As far as my mileage, so far a best of 36.6 mpg hand calculated after driving a lot of 55-60 mph in the hills, and some in town driving in Liitle Rock, then about 40 minutes waiting to get out of a concert in traffic, plus I kept it running while my lady waited for me to get a motel room. It was showing up to 38 after some flat interstate driving.

My lady's drive to work is half highway at 70 mph, and then curvy, hilly roads, which usually end up with some slow poke going 40 mph and forcing the car to go to fifth and fourth gear a lot.
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