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I have a 93 B250 5.2/46RH, I want to set it up for towing.
Van came to me as a project, lifted 3" & wearing 35s. The tranny would slip out of gear upon acceleration, and when you did get going, when you let off the pedal down a hill, it would down shift constantly. PO said he thought if I did something with trans cooler & lines he believed it would be okay. It had lines that looked like he yanked them out of something else, he bypassed the radiator heat exchanger and only had a cheap 6 pass aftermarket aux cooler.
I've done a lot and it seems like everything helped some, but it will still slip out of 1st when I try to accelerate into traffic IN DRIVE, if I down shift to low gear is takes off without slipping??
Here is a list of what I've done to date:
1st thing I went and bought new 31/10-15 tires, changed the filter/fluid, added a Derale 36 row cooler and connected the radiator cooler with new lines.
Still, so then I went ahead and had it rebuilt including a new T/C, when problems persisted I was worried about overheating; so a new 4 core copper radiator and temp gauge were installed, I'm running 170F just running down the road
Still :banghead:
I bought/installed a TCC/OD relay, Sonax billet servos, and a Fairbanks shift kit. :rck:
But the slipping out of 1st in drive is still there, but not as bad.
What am I missing?? Please someone share that small gem of info, so I can get started on the front end rebuild!
Thanks, Big Al
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