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Hello there Dodgetalk family! Been a few years since last here. Sold my 04 Laramie back in 2016, been driving a 2015 Promaster City ever since. Been wanting to get back in a 1500, and really love the look of the 5th Gens. Had my eyes on a Rebel that just came on island, and was gonna look at it. along with a Warlock at the same lot. After widening my search, I came across this interesting build and ended up buying it a few weeks ago.

2021 RAM 1500 Big Horn Crew Cab 4x4 5.7L HEMI VVT, Bright White, 6'4" bed, wheel to wheel steps, premium clothe black/light mountain interior, Big Horn Package 25Z North Edition, Level 2 Equipment Group, wheel to wheel steps, rear wheel well liners, UConnect 12.0 Display, 9 speaker system with sub and 33 gal. tank.

The fact that it's a North Edition is pretty cool, because this truck really doesn't belong here in sunny Hawaii. Add in the conventional bed WITH a crew cab and added options, it's a unicorn. There are 28 1500's in inventory here with a conventional bed, and they're all quad cabs. There is no other build like this in inventory, on any island.

$10K less than the Rebel, $4K more than the Warlock. I can accept the 4x4 trade offs with the Rebel, and it also had the eTorque HEMI. It is about equal to the Warlock, absent the skid protection. And minus the leather in the Rebel, it is much more featured out than both the Rebel and Warlock.

Been a few weeks, but am very happy with the purchase. Truck rides better than the 2015 Regal I traded it in for. And that thing sucked some fuel! Will probably never get any use out of the heated seats or engine block heater, but is nice to know they are there!

Anyways, got some plans for this beauty, and am excited to be back on the forum with a new 1500! Take care everyone, stay safe, stay healthy!

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