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VIN 1B7GD14T3ES230141

can anyone decipher the Vin for me

does the VIN tell me what wheelbase the tuck is? every time I go to buy parts, especially exhaust pieces, they inevitably ask me what wheelbase it is and I inevitably have forgotten

I think I shall write the wheelbase on the back of the ownership slip that is always in the glovebox

Power Steering pump:
I took the pump off when doing the timing chain and negelected to take some digital photos; I was rushing because it was bloody cold in the garage

Now it is time to put it back on and the brackets look nothing like the picture in the haynes manual

does anyone have a skecth or picture from the FSM that could be shared with me ?

Now for the confession of the bonehead move of the year

Got the engine buttoned up to the point where I could start it up and time it

no P/S pump or air pump on it yet. I bolted the water pump pully on without the fan so that I could time it without running the risk of chopping my fingers off in the fan blades

I had not really disturbed anything when I changed the timing chain and sprockets and so I figured it would start up.

It did and it seemed happy enough. However, I took my timing light and set the timing per the sticker under the hood; 12 degrees BTDC.

Well - let me tell you - now the thing is running like a SOS - what a head scratcher.

After buggering around with it for a while I shut it off and went in the house in disgust convinced I must have moved the cam and upset both valve and ignition timing.

Yesterday, I went out to it again hoping that I would receive divine intervention and inspiration - which my freinds I do not deserve after all the foul language that I used

As it turns out, I had moved the timing to 12 degress AFTER tdc. Once I sorted that out, the little 318 was putting like a kitten

It is amazing what a 24 degree variance in ignition timing will make


1 is country of origin, which is the good ole US of A:gr_patrio
B is make
7 is type of vehicle
G is the GWVR, which for your year is 6000 GWVR
D is the truck line
1 is the series, (i.e. 100, 150 etc.) yours is a 150
4 is for conventional cab
T is the CID, which is 318/5.2L 2-bbl
E is the year
S is the assembly plant
and the numbers after S are just sequence numbers, probably which number they were in the assembly line.

All this info courtisy of my chiltons shop manual A good thing to have handy if you don't have one. :D

From looking at the book, it doesn't show what the wheelbase is, but I bet if you google it. You may find the info you want.
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