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2 days ago, on beautiful hot and humid morning, I started my D, turned the A/C on... started hearing a Hissing sound (I dont know any other word to describe it)...

Anyways... a little while later, hot air starts blowing and although the A/C light is on, but the compressor is not working (u feel the car loosing power slightly when the compressor starts)... anyways,...

Took it to the dealer :WHT: ... they do a vacume test, it turns out that I have a leak in the pipe that runs all the way from the front of the car all the way to the back :huh:

The leak is (I guess) inaccessible, so we have to get the pipe removed... to remove the pipe, they said that they would need to literally lift the body from the chasis of the car!!!

:mad: $$$$$ :help: :help:

Why the hec would they make this all 1 bloody pipe that's this long??!?

any experience there?

I figured, if the pipe has to be removed, might as well change it instead of getting it welded...
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