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Hi, I signed up to this forum after getting no help from another.
I am trying to get my Aunt's car back on the road. It is a 1998 Dodge Stratus V6 2.5.
The car stalled on her while she was in line at the bank. I went to check it out and found that the car was difficult to start and then stalled again down the road. It was as if the motor was not getting fuel because as I stepped on the throttle, the car just wanted to die. We had it towed home and it is sitting in the driveway.

I bought a ThinkOBD 100 scan tool and retrieved the following codes:

P0123 Throttle position sensor switch A circuit high
P0113 Intake air temperatue sensor 1 circuit high
P0171 System too lean bank 1
P0700 Transmission control System (MIL request)
P0700 Transmission control System (MIL request) Yes, this code came up twice.

For P0123, I cleaned the Throttle Position Sensor and put it back on. With the scan tool hooked up, I can see that the value for the throttle position goes between like 16% -78% or something like that. So, I think the throttle position sensor is okay.

For P0113, Also according to the scan tool hooked up, the Intake air temperature sensor seems to be reading the proper temperatures - around 38 degrees Celcius which is about 100 F. It is hot here in San Antonio.

For P0171, I ran a fuel volume test for the fuel flow coming from the fuel rail feed lind and got about 25oz in one minute. That seems too low so I put in a entire new fuel pump module which consists of the fuel pump, regulator, pick-up strainer, along with the new wiring. I also installed a new fuel filter.

Even with a new fuel pump, which I can hear running, the same symptoms persist. The car won't start on it's own. It will crank all day and sometimes hiccup like it wants to start. And, if it does start, it will quickly shut off once I give it throttle.

I can get it to run on carb cleaner (used as starter fluid) for maybe 30 seconds or so when its a cold start. It then stalls.

But each subsequent time I try to start it, it will run for shorter lengths of time using the carb cleaner.
In other words, it runs when its cold on carb cleaner, but once the car has warmed up a bit, it will not run very long on the carb cleaner.

The scan tool Datastream has the MAP at 98 KPa or about 14.2 which is about atmospheric pressure. So, I think the MAP sensor is okay.

Here is some Freeze Frame Data:

Fuel SYS1 CL
Load 71%
ECT 103 degrees
SHRTFT1 8.6%
LONGTFT1 24.2%
MAP 62.0 kPa or about 8.2psi
RPM 736/min

Any help is appriciated. And there is fuel in the tank. The new fuel pump module did not solve the issue. Where should I go from here?

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I would also like to point out that the ThinkOBD 100 scan tool only connects succesfully about 50% of the time to this car. It works fine when plugged into other cars. When it fails, it reads "communication error".
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