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Hello All. Love these places because everyone has such good information.

Just started driving a 98 Expresso Grand Caravan. Beautiful White 144K miles. Very Nice.
Whoops. Batterys dead.
I put another battery in her.
Door Ajar warning - Interior Lights on full blast.
(With all doors closed)

Hmm. No wonder previous battery was dead as a doornail.

I pull the interior light fuse from the underhood fusebox. Still have the Chime beep and the warning Door Ajar in the instrument Cluster.

Also have no interior light available inside the car at night obviously.

Here's the weird thing I noticed.

With all doors closed; "Door Ajar- Interior Lights On" when gearshift selector is in Park, Neutral, Drive, 3, 2 etc.

But Not When Selector Is In Reverse!

In otherwords 'Door Ajar Interior Light On' is fine (OUT) when in Reverse...but not the others (P,D,N,3,2 etc) Then its On. (All doors are Closed and little ticker switches seem fine)

Help Me.

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