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98-03 With 4 wheel ABS wheel hub/bearing assembly.

1. With the truck still on all four's, loosen the axle nut. It's a 32mm, i used a 1/2in drive with a breaker bar and a long tube to break free, on the other side i got smart and used an impact after the breaker was bending too much.

2. Properly support truck and remove wheels.

3. I'm going to assume we all know how to remove the brakes. Remove the caliper and support off to the side, then pull off the rotor, remove the thin shield (13mm) and finish removing the axle nut. This is what you'll see after removing that, this is a top view of the hub attached to the steering knuckle.

4. Remove the 3 bolts attaching the hub to the steering knuckle, they are located on the back of the steering knuckle.

These are 9/16 and there is very little clearance for a ratchet to turn, so i used a swivel socket after breaking them free with a small breaker bar. once they are loosened they turn right out.

5. Remove the abs sensor bracket also located on the rear of the steering knuckle. This is a 5/16 bolt. I left the abs sensor wire attached to the brake line as a reference for installation.

6. This is where the real trouble started. The hub is really attached to the steering knuckle and axle, it's on there good. I used a two different hammers, a bar, even put the wheel back on for leverage. i guess they make a puller for this but i don't have one. I resorted to using the blunt end of a heavy axe to loosen this thing. It ends up coming out of the steering knuckle and off of the axle and will look like this:

7. At this point, with the old hub still hanging there, i installed the new hub. just slide into the steering knuckle and onto the axle:

Installation is just the opposite of removal. Just replace the old abs sensor wire with the new one in the same spots and connect in the engine compartement.

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