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I have a 1997 Grand Caravan V6 3.8L. The charging system is dead.

Initially I pulled out the alternator, because it died while I was driving it home at night with the headlights on, and took it to AutoZone to have it tested, it tested good.

The next thing I did was take the battery out to have it tested. Napa said it was a bad battery (only 3 yrs old) so I bought a new one. Drove it to work, no problem. On my way home, the voltage indicator came back on. So I stopped back at Napa and they said there was a charging problem.

Someone suggested a new PCM, so I gave that a shot. it didn't fix it, they suggested that I got a bad PCM so we tried 2 more. Still no good.

I took the alternator back out to have it retested, and we ran it 8 times, then compared the results to a new one off of the shelf. The alternator tests fine.

I have continuity between the battery's + terminal and the Alternator output terminal. I have no schematic to check the other 2 wires going to the alternator.

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.
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