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Hey guys, so i see various post on the same issue what makes mine different is after actually getting the engine started it runs fine.

the starter runs great.
new batteries .

i wait for the light indicators to turn off... water, wait for start etc..
i press on pedal half or 1/4 way.

crank the key.. starter does its thing
i can do this 5 to6 times
or just a few
i try different patterns..
and finally after a while it starts

after i drive it a bit it starts fine

even after initial getting it started it runs like a champ.

seems to be getting worst slowly

thinking the fuel pump or what ever controls the pressure if it has the logic to differentiate from start up and normal running..not sure about this..

any ideas what may be the issue?:unsure:

i drive the 1996 dodge ram 5.9 cummins 4x4, 8 foot bed
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