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Hello all. I posted a thread a month or 2 back about my van dying suddenly and having it towed to the Dodge place and having a diagnostics done on it. They said a battery, ignition coil, plugs and wires were needed. So I replaced them all. The van started but ran rough and idled low, then it just quit again. It just turns over but won't start. A mechanic friend came over with his new $5,500 diagnostics computer and it showed the camshaft position sensor was bad. I changed that today and it does the same thing, just turns and turns. I removed one of the spark plug wires from the plug and put it close but it seems to be getting no spark. Thats where I am.....any ideas? Thanks. :help:

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cam pos sensor error no start

hi without making a long story even longer
shortly after purchasing a hi mileage caravan , i put it up on ramps to work on it ..
it had been running all along , then put it back down to adjust the brakes and darnit it wouldnt start
the code reader told me it was a cam pos error but i didnt believe it
about a week later and after trying everything else ,
ya , i thought it was an ignition problem also
but the design makes sense ..if there is a valve train failure
(you) wouldnt want the engine to continue firing so the computer turns off the ignition

any way .. after changing the original cam sensor ...
no difference
i think what happened is the original sensor picked up enuf metallic debris from running the oil sump ( brand new oil change)
the sensor has a strong magnet in it
the car was on ramps when it last ran and the sump is in the rear of the pan

inspection of the original sensor indicated a bunch of metal filings on it
cleaned it off , put it backin and still no start
advice.... throw away those stupid chilton manuals
got factory one and read "cam position sensor is extremely critical "
...meaning the way the sensor goes into the cam chain housing

the original sensor did not have the cardboard spacer on it
so went out on the driveway after looking at a dead van for a week
and after doing everything else but go back to the sensor,

loosened the ten mil bolt holding down the sensor and tapped the new sensor down in the housing about a half inch
(remember they have orings and dont like to go down in the cam housing easily )
voila ....van started right up
took it for a test drive and would get intermittent missing of engine
went back and pushed the cam sensor down in the housing further
havent had a problem since
end of story
motto: believe your code reader
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